Surrounded from the sour and suggestive "murgico" landscape, to the boundary between the Puglia and the Basilicata, it is "Torre Spagnola" (Spanish Tower) an of the most representative farms of the same territory. It owes his denomination to the mighty tower, erect in the period in which the territory had checked from the Crown from Spain, in the person of the GUSMAN viceroy, like certificate from the registration set on the shelf of a big fireplace, to the inside of the same tower that for other constitutes the aboriginal element of the whole complex. "Torre Spagnola" had a strategic value for the control of the streets of communication of the "Materano" with the "Pugliese" territory. The tower had built presumably between the 1560 and the 1600 for wish of the Captain Joseph Trullos, nephew of the bishop of Castellamare Giovanni Trullos, goned in the 1560 to Matera. The same Joseph in the 1603 acquired the law of receive the excises and he did the tower a place of tax office. The Trullos married into with the Ulmo family of Matera whose one last descending gambled away all the patrimony. In point of death thinking about pay the penalty of this his dissolute life for conquer the Heaven he gave this ownership to the Dominicans. "Torre Spagnola" with the Dominicans, that have held it until at the end of the 1700, it changed in a productive agricultural farm, with the construction of new structures adjust the new address cerealicol and zootecnical. To the Dominicans, dispossessed for the Napoleoniche laws of the 1806, happened the Ferrante Marquises of Ruffano in the first decade of 1800. It had acquired from the Malvezzi Duke in the 1840 . Quite the Malvezzi creates the real farm of service, for the cerealicol activity and to the training of the horses, that they came sold to the army "borbonico", beyond that of the troopers (soldiers to horse). The raids of the brigands forced the owners to strengthen the Farm, that will continue to develop, up to the first years of our century, a role of defense of the countries and of the agricultural production. In the 1938 the Farm had sold Michael Heaven of Matera and subsequently in the 1968 to the Dimauro family of "Santeramo in Colle" that possesses it now.